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As long as we remember, our well-loved pets will live on in our memory.
Listed here are memorials to those we wish to remember - living forever in our hearts.
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I will never forget you; I will never find another soul like yours, Gabby
Pet: Cat Born : 1992 Departed : 2022 Age : 30 Country : United States
I miss you Gabby. Even just writing this makes me cry. I knew you my whole entire life, and nothing can be explained in words how much I miss you. If you didn't have me you probably would have passed away before this. I always felt connected with you. and now I only feel grief for you. I love you so much gabby. Your headbumps the softness of your fur, the way you purred, how you snuggled with me. I really truly miss you and I will always love you. no one will ever take your place.

Love, Shay
Submitted: 30-Oct-22

For my loyal friend and companion, Finnegan
Pet: Dog Born : 2005 Departed : 2022 Age : 17 Country : United Kingdom
A part of me has gone with you. You did well old boy to reach over seventeen years old. A that is one heck of a time to be together.
You will never be forgotten for your ways, your bark, and your individuality.
Rest in peace old dog and I sincerely hope that one day soon I will be able to join you.

From you loving Dad.
Submitted: 05-Oct-22

Thank you for your support, your love and patience, Mia
Pet: Dog Born : 2008 Departed : 2022 Age : 14 Country : Puerto Rico
Mia you were a wonderful part of my life. You made me feel loved. I will never forget you. I am sure you are in Jesus's arms and when I die I know that I will see you again. I will always love you. You were so beautiful and intelligent you even won various shows. You were the best dog ever. Thank you Mia for your love. You loved me unconditionally. You are a wonderful soul. I love you and I know I will see you again when I go to heaven. I will always love you.
Submitted: 01-Oct-22

I love you furry babe , Warren
Pet: Cat Born : 2012 Departed : 2022 Age : 10 Country : United States
Our meeting was magical, a once in a lifetime journey. You gave me endless comfort and support. I wish I had done more for you. I hope you find someone better than me and that you have a wonderful future. Your love opened my heart. You changed me, and I’ll never forget you.
Submitted: 13-Sep-22

Love you max, MAX
Pet: Dog Born : 2004 Departed : 2012 Age : 8 Country : United Kingdom
Can’t believe it 10year since you went to rainbow bridge miss you so much roses are red violets are blue you where little max I ♥️Love you hope your all together rocky ♥️Zak duke passed over on the 20/8/2022 love you forever max ♥️❤️♥️Love mam♥️❤️Xxx n family xxxxxx
Submitted: 29-Aug-22

Love you forever duke , Duke
Pet: Dog Born : 2007 Departed : 2022 Age : 15 Country : United Kingdom
So sorry you passed today duke my retriever labrador ♥️❤️♥️♥️Love you forever ♥️❤️♥️♥️Love mam n family out pain you where born on 25 march 2007 left me today 20 aug. 2022 your reunited with rocky Zak max fly high with your brothers till we meet again ♥️❤️❤️♥️Love forever mam paul david xxxxx♥️❤️♥️♥️Xxxxxxx
Submitted: 20-Aug-22

I will never forget you; I will never find another soul like yours, Zak
Pet: Dog Born : 1999 Departed : 2011 Age : 12 Country : United Kingdom
I can’t believe it been 11 years today you left me zak went to rainbow heaven I will never forget you ♥️♥️♥️Love you forever ♥️❤️♥️Love mam♥️❤️N famiily♥️❤️Roses are red colours are blue your my mr zacky I ♥️♥️Love you ♥️♥️Forever in my heart till we meet again give rocky n max a great big hug ♥️❤️♥️Love mam♥️❤️Duke ♥️❤️♥️Xxxxxxx
Submitted: 26-Jul-22

Rosco you are a good boy, Roscoe
Pet: Dog Born : 2000 Departed : 2002 Age : 2 Country : United States
Rosco you were gone to soon I'm sorry I let you down I miss your hugs and cuddles hope you catch alot of bugs run free boy keep that smile in your eyes until we meet again you are all ways with me I'll never forget you❤❤????????
Submitted: 06-Jul-22

For my loyal friend and companion, Max
Pet: Dog Born : 2004 Departed : 2018 Age : 14 Country : United Kingdom
Another birthday max and we miss you more and more lots of love and cuddles until we all meet again max happy birthday love mam and becky xx
Submitted: 02-Jul-22

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